My primary goal is to help ease the load on your Marketing Team. The following services are geared towards lifting tasks off your plate, enabling you to focus on strategic initiatives. Whether it's hosting, WordPress Development, or collaborating with your IT Team, I've got you covered. Explore how my expertise seamlessly integrates with your marketing efforts, freeing up your time and resources for your core objectives. Let me handle the details so you can navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and creativity.

Illustration of a Marketing team working around a table on a website redesign

WordPress Development

I specialize in WordPress development as one of my core services. With expertise in Elementor, Custom Content Types, ACF, and WooCommerce, I ensure your website is not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly. Additionally, I’m here to bridge the gap between Marketing and IT, ensuring seamless collaboration to meet your company’s objectives effectively. Let me handle your WordPress needs while facilitating effective communication between departments to drive success.

WordPress Hosting

I provide WordPress hosting services to alleviate the need for a site reliability engineer. My preference lies in maintaining sites on the WPEngine/Flywheel platforms, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. However, I am flexible and can accommodate various hosting solutions based on your specific requirements. Trust me to handle your WordPress hosting needs, offering a reliable and secure environment for your website.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress sometimes faces unfair criticism for perceived security vulnerabilities. The key to mitigating most issues lies in consistently updating WordPress Core, Plugins, and themes. Allow me to alleviate this concern by taking on the responsibility of ensuring your site is always up-to-date. With regular updates, I’ll help fortify your WordPress website’s security, giving you peace of mind and a reliable online presence.

Organic SEO Optimization

Paid advertising isn’t my expertise, but when it comes to optimizing your site for Organic SEO, I’ve got you covered. I follow a host of best practices to enhance your website’s visibility. Leveraging your tools like SEMRush, Site Improve, and Screaming Frog, I meticulously read and improve site conditions, ensuring it aligns with the best SEO practices. Let me navigate the intricacies of organic search optimization, driving traffic and visibility to your site without venturing into the realm of paid advertising.

Website Audits

When initiating a WordPress project, a crucial first step is conducting a comprehensive audit of your existing site. This involves a meticulous examination of your hosting infrastructure, evaluating the security footprint, assessing plugin requirements, and organizing SEO strategies. Through this thorough audit, I ensure a solid foundation for your WordPress project, addressing key aspects to optimize performance, security, and overall functionality. Let me guide you through this essential process, setting the stage for a successful and well-structured WordPress journey.


Perhaps your team could benefit from some hourly consulting to elevate your site to the next level. Leveraging my years of teaching experience, I tailor a curriculum specifically to your needs. Through focused and efficient training sessions, I aim to significantly enhance your team’s knowledge in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional training programs. Let’s work together to optimize your team’s skills and propel your project forward.

Let's craft a solution that perfectly aligns with your requirements!